Finishing Cutting Machines

We provide cutting solutions for complex processing of metal-reinforced, rigid or flexible profiles, hoses and tubes in rubber and plastic industries. The outputs are High quality processed and ready for assembly parts. Other possibilities to consider are end-processing procedures including notching finishing with end cutting and drilling finishing to provide location holes for sealing systems.

Multiple Station Cutting & Punching Machine

These machines are designed to cut and punch flexible and rigid profiles according to specified length and cross-section. Cut to length, exact repeatability and ability to punch complex cross-section forms are features of our cutting and punching machines. The following features can be adjusted according to customer requirements:


·         Blade change-over

·         Checking fixture to verify finished parts

·         Sensors monitor the inserted part position and flatness

·         Interchangeable tools



Guillotine Cutting Machine

Guillotine cutting machines are employed in finishing stations to cut profiles to simple or complicated forms. The guillotine blade applies reciprocating motion mechanism and can be sharpened several times or replaced.

Notching Machine

In profile finishing procedure, the notching stations are employed to make an incision on profile surface. Simultaneously with notching operation the profile is cut to its final ends. The blade can be sharpened or replaced and sensors check the profile flatness and position.


Drilling Machine

Drilling operation with fixed or variable length pitches is performed to provide location for pinning clips in weather-strips. Concurrently with drilling operation, the profile is cut to its final ends. Sensors check the profile position and flatness. The blade employed in these machines can be resharpened or replaced.