Automation & Robotics

Ever increasing competitiveness in today’s market necessitates new approaches. Employing automation systems in controlling, monitoring and actuating processes leads to higher precision and better quality of final product. We offer innovative solutions in power electronics and industrial automation control fields and cover the complete process from concept design to assembly. Our solutions due to utilizing skilled and experienced personnel and cutting-edge technology, are tailored to the customer’s requirements with any complexity.




FUM & HT Collaboration

Since 2015 based on an agreement between Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (FUM) and HT as a knowledge-based Company, our mutual cooperation in scientific and technical activities in robotics domain has started. This collaboration has led to introducing the first national 6Axia robot.


Six DOF Grade Industrial Robot

HT has collaborated with FUM robotics lab on the design and manufacturing of six DOF grade industrial robot. It has many applications in industry, especially when high precision is needed. Welding, palletizing and assembly activities are examples of these applications.

 Six DOF grade industrial robot specifications:


·         Number of axes: 6

·         Pay load: 20 kg

·         Reach: 1400 mm

·         Repeatability: ±0.05 mm

·         Mechanical brake: All axes

·         Robot weight: 200 kg

·         Ethercat industrial network




SCARA (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) is a high speed robot which resembles human arm. Its movement in vertical direction is stiff while in horizontal direction it moves more flexibly. The mentioned characteristic makes the SCARA robot a proper fit for component pick-and-place applications. In the case where joints are safeguarded, the robot can be used in corrosive and under water environments. The SCARA robot can be used in assembly, machine loading and palletizing.

·         Number of axes: 4

·         Pay load: 2 kg

·         Reach: 650 mm

·         Repeatability: ±0.02 mm

·         Max. linear velocity in XY plane: 8.5 m/s

·         Pick-and-place cycle time: 0.5 s




Delta Parallel Robot

Delta robot design is based on the use of parallelogram linkage mechanism. Compared to serial robots, parallel ones possess higher stiffness and higher precision in positioning. These characteristics make the Delta robot a good option for pick-and-place applications. If the robot’s base plate is covered, it can be used sorting and packaging in hygiene-sensitive environments like food and pharmaceutical industries. Our manufactured Delta robot consists of three fixed-length arms connected to a base plate. It has four degrees of freedom, three translational and one rotational degrees. The robot moves freely in X and Y directions while its movement in Z direction is limited.

·         Pay Load: 2 kg

·         Horizontal Stroke: 700(300) mm

·         Vertical Stroke: 300 mm

·         Repeatability: ±0.1 mm